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Local Business Owner Hires Sonora State Police to Stalk Murder Witness

Author: Rex La Rue

Posted: 05 February 2024

Gonsalo Dojaque Acuña

1966 - 2017

I first met Mr. Acuña in the year 2013. We quickly struck up a friendship and immediately began talking about how much we both wanted to build a solar power products company. I told him about my solar panel invention at the birthday party where we first met. We were right away very excited and enlivened by the prospect of such a business venture. We could hardly wait to get our new business going.

We started that company, SolarSnap, based upon my invention, a new liquid cooled solar panel.

We worked well together and four years later we had a factory, tooling shop, laboratory and a bustling store. Our retail and manufacturing divisions of SolarSnap were growing at 50% per year. We were having a great time advancing our startup. But, then, suddenly all that stopped.

In November of 2017, four years after we began our association, Mr. Acuña was found dead hanging in a carport from a cable tightly wound around his neck. The police quickly ruled his death a suicide with no apparent investigation. This was suspicious to me because this was the day after he and I had scheduled an audit for accounting irregularities within the company. Gonsalo was to attend the audit with someone in his life who, apparently, objected to our company. In the first few years she had been the accountant, and I had accused her many times of embezzling money from SolarSnap. In total I believe that we were defrauded of roughly $8.3 million pesos.

A lot happened from that first, happy day in July of 2013 and that dark and sad day in November, four years hence. This is a complex story that I shall divide into several parts to paint the complete picture. However, I think that this story needs telling.

Below is a portion of an Amparo that was filed quite recently with the federal government of Mexico. For those who don’t know, an Amparo is like a permanent injunction baring actions of corrupt actors within the government. The Amparo of Mexico is a famous and important part of the law. It acts as a sort of relief valve to release pressure upon the pueblo, the people, from a sometimes suffocating corruption that hangs over Mexico like a fog.

In the amparo we “seek justice of the republic” from the many tyrannies stemming from so many corrupt government officials, who accept bribes to basically screw us over and often times destroy lives, careers and businesses.

Corruption, on this level can be incredibly toxic and may wipe out an entire enterprise. SolarSnap has hung on despite numerous advances by this accountant woman and a relative of hers, who, together, these two have fought long, hard and dirty to do almost everything possible to destroy the company that Gonsalo and I built. They have done this using the “old school Mexican way” being guided by the expired credo: No Tranza, No Avanza. Translation: If I don’t screw people over, I will never advance in life. This is a maxim people in Mexico have actually adopted, which infers that there is no progress without cheating. Most successful business people in the United States build wealth by creating a tremendous amount of service as efficiently and for as little possible. This is how the great wealth producing machines, the corporations operate. No Tranza, No Avanza is a broken, dying credo but is still followed by the older generations.

The below document was redacted to protect the names of the accused. I think that you will find it readable despite these redactions.

Get involved at and, perhaps together, we can climb out of this dark hole of corruption. ¡Viva México!

From Amparo filed against the police of Sonora, Section II of the Antecedents:

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